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From crowd control to emergency response, our team has done it all. Our professional and courteous security personnel are committed to excellence and customer service, and work with our clients to ensure the safety of their event. Empire Protection’s team of security guards are trained and certified in the following areas: StoptheBleed, Use of Force, Arrests and Control, De-escalation & Conflict Management and Non-violent Crisis Intervention.

Special Event Planning

During the initial planning stages, our team will evaluate your needs and help you meet your operational requirements, while staying within your budget. Empire Protection security officers are highly trained and professional, who will work with your staff and venue management to control the flow of your event. Empire Protection security officers are well versed in protecting our clients’ assets at Concerts, Exhibitions, Amusement Parks, Trade Shows, Festivals, Charity Benefits, Sporting Events, Holiday Parties, Campaign Launches, Corporate Events & more!

We provide the following services:

  • Access Control
  • Crowd Management
  • Asset Protection
  • Emergency Response
  • AGCO Compliance
  • Incident Response
  • Threat and Risk Assessment
  • Roaming and Patrol Guards
  • Proactive Threat Monitoring
  • Medical Response
  • Executive Protection
  • Secure Transportation.
Loss Prevention Oakville

Special Projects Team

For high-profile events, our Special Projects Team will deliver a premium level of service by providing operational support to our clients from project conception to project completion.

Our SPT consists of a specialized group of security personnel, who will perform duties such as:

  • Risk Management
  • Executive Protection
  • Tactical Communications
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Protective Surveillance
  • Emergency Response.
Loss Prevention Oakville
    • Consultation

    Understanding our client’s needs is paramount to any successful working business relationship.

    • Security Assessment

    Our security experts will assess any possible threats, risks and vulnerabilities that your event or guests may face.

    • Execution

    Our focus on pre-planning stages ensures that the delivery of our special event security services will be nothing shy of greatness.