Toronto Retail Security Services


We live in a day and age where organized criminals and fraudsters are constantly finding new ways to target and de-fraud retailers. Protect your business from unnecessary risk and liability, by hiring an experienced and professionally trained Retail Security & Loss Prevention Team. Empire Protection is one of the few security organizations that truly understand the retail landscape and constantly stays up to date with emerging fraud trends in the market. Our security personnel provide boutique retail security and loss prevention services for retailers across the GTA. We pride ourselves on being committed to excellence by training and certifying our Retail Security team in the following areas: StoptheBleed, Use of Force, Arrests and Control, De-escalation & Conflict Management and Non-violent Crisis Intervention. Our approach to retail security involves maintaining a visible and active security presence, while proactively engaging with customers in order to prevent loss before it occurs.

At Empire Protection, we provide intelligent and professionally trained security personnel who have the necessary skills to manage the safety of your store and customers.

We provide the following services:

  • Loss Prevention
  • Access Control  
  • Plain Clothes  
  • Asset Protection 
  • CCTV Monitoring  
  • Theft Investigations  
  • Fire Watch  
  • BOLO Program 
  • Surveillance 
  • Routine Patrols  
  • Security Audits
Special Event Security Toronto
    • Proactive Intervention

    By proactively engaging with customers and maintaining a visible security presence, we take the necessary steps to prevent loss before it occurs.

    • BOLO Program

    Our Be On the Look Out program keeps us connected to retailers and loss prevention staff in the GTA, which allows us to quickly identify and apprehend offenders.

    • Niche Services

    By assessing each clients’ individual needs, we are able to tailor our uniform from a discrete, plain-clothes approach to an overt, tactical solution.